20 Web Design Portfolio Examples


However, please don’t copy them but rather seek to emulate things that you think work well. The founders of Interaction Design Foundation, Rikke Friis Dam and Mads Soegaard, are examples of hardworking digital nomads who work hard and stay dedicated wherever they go. In fact, all employees at the Interaction Design Foundation work online, and many of them live and work as dedicated hard-working digital nomads. If you’re able to work hard anywhere—you can continue to live an exciting and independent life while adding value to the world via high-quality results for as long as you want.

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How to Earn Money with ChatGPT?.

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Instead, present yourself as a problem solver that is ready to assist them. The foregoing list shouldn’t be considered as everything you will need to have starting out. These are, however, things which I don’t believe you should consider optional. While not an exhaustive list, these are some of the services and software offerings which you should sign up for immediately. For most freelancers I’d suggest trying Wave’s accounting software. I suggest Wave because, while not as robust as Quickbooks Online , it is much easier for non-accountants (a.k.a. “you”) to use.

Summary: How to create your freelance web developer portfolio

You go to the pizza shop and explain which language you will build the app in and start speaking technical mumbo jumbo which the shop owner probably doesn’t understand. It’s important to remember that completing freeCodeCamp, and learning to code, is the beginning of a new chapter and not the end of an old one. If you want to succeed, get in the habit of lifelong learning before you even get your first customer. If you don’t want to succeed then, don’t worry, you never have to pick up another book again. If you want people to become your customer then don’t alienate them by talking like a tech head on your website.

https://trading-market.org/ where you’ll let visitors and recruiters know a little bit more about you, share some high level experience, and let people know how to contact you. With inspiration from these examples, and a little bit of effort, you too can create a killer web design portfolio that attracts your ideal clients and wins you more business. We love how Matt balances his services and product offerings on his site—but the real highlights here are his in-depth case studies, like this one for fitness website FitLegit. Each case study includes a breakdown of Matt’s design approach, covering everything from colors to typography to information architecture. Wrapping up each case study is a testimonial from the client, along with a call to action to talk about Matt’s services. It’s a master class in putting together great web design case studies.

Every developer who has completed a few development projects should have a software developer portfolio. While a technical resume may be enough to start applying to some jobs, a portfolio will show that you can actually use all the skills listed in your resume. Your web design portfolio can be a very personal site, reflecting your design approach and your individual personality—but don’t forget that, ultimately, your portfolio’s job is to sell. That means focusing on how you help your clients—how you solve their problems, how they derive value from your services, and how happy they are to work with you. At Toptal we screen a lot of designers, so over time we have learned what goes into making a captivating and coherent portfolio.

#7 Roadside Design Portfolio

Since our business idea passed the three tests and will address a large market, we went ahead and launched the service offering. The final thing to consider is the extent to which you’ll be able to outsource the work which needs to be performed. The greater the ability to outsource, then the more you can grow the company by leveraging the labor of others. Second, even if you’re not providing truly unique value, if you’re really passionate about what you’re doing then you’ll be able to persevere the grind. First, if you’re not providing unique value then you’re going to grind it out and get frustrated with how difficult it is to run your business. If you don’t fit into one of these two types of niches then you’re going to have problems.


If you web developer portfolio examples all of this production on high value activities, then your bank account will grow quickly. The third step to increasing your efficiency is to deal with problems as soon as they arise. Not doing so will simply allow the problem to swell and become larger. Manage your workflow so that you’re working on one thing at a time, but so that you have a stream of work lined up. The idea of Only Handle It Once means just what it says – do not open an email, pick up a piece of paper, or start a task unless you are prepared to actually deal with it.

Thus, the content should inform the layout and composition of the document. Consider what kind of work you have, and how it might be best presented. A UX designer may require a series of animations to describe a set of actions, whereas the visual designer may prefer spreads of full images.

#10 Design Firm Portfolio with HubSpot CMS

In his web developer portfolio, the French front-end developer and graphic designer Charles Bruyerre displays a unique style. What you want to do next is to focus on practicing your skills. Build projects, big or small, and when you feel ready, head out there to find your first small job. Include a few stellar testimonials and give a clear call-to-action . Obviously, you want to include everything that helps potential clients see how you can help them.

You do not get to simply raid the business funds anytime you like. Gee, with an approach like that I can’t imagine why so many people have financial problems. Assuming you want to avoid these things, it’s important that you embrace your new role of business manager in addition to that of being a developer.

If nothing else, this site will leave a lasting impression in visitors’ minds, and sometimes that’s all you need to do to get visitors returning to your site and contacting you. The rest of the site sees clever parallax effects being used to add an interactive element to the site. When you reach the landing page, you’ll see what can only be described as a man with a flame for a head and cards describing the services Flamy offers. Clean minimalism is not the name of the game here with a strong cartoon theme being preferred. Flamy’s site goes to show that you can be quirky and fun without forgoing a professional appeal.

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The Most Exciting Canva Visual Worksuite Features for Freelancers.

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If you’re using a single-page website, try to have the CTA following the user as they scroll, or displayed in the top corner menu bar. The copy needs to be easily digestible for hiring managers to scan through, while also giving a sense of who you are. The recruiter or hiring manager may simply want to follow you instead of reaching out about a particular open position—make it as easy as possible for them. They don’t have to be related to your main work pathway or skillset. In this section, we’ll cover the three central pillars of any web developer portfolio website, as well as some bonus elements you can include for extra kudos.

The easy-to-navigate menu and minimal style makes for yummy eye-candy and pleasant user experience. Yul Moreau takes inspiration from the 80s in creating his portfolio website, and it’s a great examples of using visuals to increase user engagement. His experience and skills are displayed expertly by embedding videos, images, and scroll effects in a single page. To make a website look professional yet unconventional is not easy, but Lounge Lizard company makes it look effortless. From the brand showcase to the photo display of the workplace, this bar-themed website does a good job of establishing brand identity and promoting company reputation.

You can put in sixty hours a week, but if you’re only working at fifty percent efficiency, then the average Joe will equal your production in just thirty hours a week. It’s important to stress that the average of 43.3 hours a week is a minimum that I put in. If there is additional work which must get done due to some type of deadline, then I put in extra time. Any extra time that I put in can then be taken off from a later week. This is true in terms of your substantive work, your marketing activities, and pretty much anything else. While that sentence may leave you going “duh,” you’d be surprised at how many entrepreneurs fail to recognize this concept.

  • Tim’s brief but informative descriptions of the projects he’s worked on.
  • For now, just be aware that you should have the above items before you dive into the world of trying to hustle up your next project.
  • Yul Moreau takes inspiration from the 80s in creating his portfolio website, and it’s a great examples of using visuals to increase user engagement.
  • In our main business, for example, we subcontract the writing of legal content to attorneys and law students who wish to write as a side hustle.
  • The same naysayers are then surprised at the fact that they actually make money doing so.

When you start postponing your own portfolio, it becomes harder to launch it the longer you wait. Try out different types of projects and find the tools and projects you love the most. So, whether you want to land a full-time web dev job or start freelancing, there’s enough demand to go around. If you’re new to coding and web development, you may be thinking whether freelancing is the right choice for you.


Try to use a consistent presentation style and content throughout the projects in your portfolio. Differentiate each project with simple solutions like different coloured backgrounds, or textures, yet within the same language. The main use of the portfolio is to present your design work.

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